The purpose of repairing rare, antique and valuable rugs and carpets is to restore the original beauty and physical integrity that may have been damaged by years of use.

This is accomplished by reweaving and recreating sections of the rug or carpet, either the pile or the foundation.

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Such restoration requires vast technical skill and precision, as well as discernment in matching the yarns texture and colour. This process requires expertise and a refined eye to match the original colour and texture of the rug or carpet, in order to make the repair invisible.

The extent of the repair both in time and expense depends on the condition and the value of the carpet in relation to the cost of the repair.

As mentioned above, to restore and repair rugs and kilims is a skill and labour intensive, which can include:

  • Sourcing the correct yarns to be used to repair or restore the rug.
  • Protecting the surrounding areas around the damage.
  • Rebuilding all damaged and missing warp.
  • Reknotting pile while recreating missing or damaged designs.
  • Weaving weft to tighten knots or to recreate missing designs as in the case of kilims.
  • Binding selvages to prevent edges from fraying.
  • Binding and rebuilding fringes to prevent unraveling.

Such restoration can make a damaged rug or carpet usable and commercially viable. But ultimately the greatest reward in repairing and restoring your antique rugs is the knowledge that a rare and beautiful piece of art is being preserved for generations to come.

We repair and restore rugs from all around the world such as Navajo rugs, Tibetan rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Indian Rugs, Chinese rugs, Kilims, Arbidil, Baluch, Esfahan, Heriz, Isfahan, Sarook, Sarough, Tabriz, Kermain, Nain, Hamadon, Prayer rugs, Saddle bags, Wall hangings and many more.

Rest assured, your rug can be brought back to life for you to enjoy your investment for years to come.

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