What You Can Do To Preserve Your Persian and Oriental Rug’s Beauty

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Vacuum Frequently

Remember that soil and dust particles are acting like tiny razor blades sawing away at your rugs fibers when you walk on it. Try to vacuum often, and avoid the fringes. You want to avoid the fringes. The fringes in most cases are an extension of the foundation of your rug. So you want to avoid damage to these fringes. Dont just vacuum the face of your rug, also vacuum the back of the rug, this will vibrate hidden deep down dust particles through the face and on to the floor.


Rotate Your Rug

It is important to rotate your rug to avoid continually walking over the same area of the rug. You should also be on the look out for sun fading, which can be mitigated to a degree by rug rotation. But most importantly, rotate your rug if one end is hidden under furniture or a bed. Moths and instects love to eat rugs. They thrive best in dark, undisturbed areas, such as in rugs under furinture.


To Avoid Sun Fade

Sun fade is very difficult to correct, if not impossible. When you move, or when you purchase a new rug, you should be concious of how the light from your windows will affect your rug. Be particular about skylights. Also be aware that you may not see a full days effect if you are not home during the day to observe how the light falls at different times.


Inspect Regularly

Particularly if part of your rug is under furniture or in a dark area. As mentioned earlier, you should inspect periodically for moths. Moths will generally be evident by their casings, which look like grains of rice. Tell tale signs are if you notice slight webbing effects on the rug. You should look at your rug very carefully for any evidence of insects.


Address Emergencies Immediately

Rug repair work can become expensive because it is very time consuming and very labour intensive. It is therefore important that any damage to your rug be addressed sooner rather than later.