Persian and Oriental Rug Cleaners in London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire

At Absolutely Fabulous Rug Cleaning our rug cleaners and restoration experts have been cleaning and restoring all types of rugs, fine carpets and tapestries as well as fine hand knotted wool and silk rugs across London, Maidenhead, Reading, Oxford, Newbury and the United Kingdom as a whole for many years. Our professional rug cleaners and restorers deliver a service with a level of care that has made us the choice for international collectors, museums and the most discerning clients.

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Having your rug cleaned professionally by an established and experienced rug cleaning company like Ab Fab Rug Cleaning will enhance your rug’s natural beauty, as well as ensuring the rug’s longevity. Removing dust particles and fine grit, will not only make your rug look brighter and fresher, more importantly it will stop wear on the rug fibres, and the deterioration of the pile.

Using traditional hand washing rug cleaning methods, we will rejuvenate your rug, as well as stop the wear that occurs from dirt accumulation. After vigorous dust removal, your rug will be checked for colour run before being given a complete wash to remove all excess dirt. Your rug will then be dried in a controlled environment, to ensure it retains its shape.

The colour and lustre of your rug will be enhanced greatly by our careful attention to detail.


Pre-clean inspection to determine pre-existing conditions, fibre content, colourfastness, cleaning concerns and the appropriate cleaning method.


Thorough dusting, we remove up to 10 times the amount of dry soil that is achieved through vacuuming.


Thorough cleaning using a total immersion wash process designed to remove most types of soil.


If required, deodorisation in an enzyme bath to address unpleasant odours from pet urine, smoke residue or other sources of odour.


Rinsing to remove all soaps and detergent residue, which can cause re-soiling and fiber deterioration.


Grooming to set the pile in the original direction and to straighten the fringe


Controlled drying.


Post clean inspection.