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Moths do all sorts of damage to everything from your beloved rugs to your carpets. They generally do a lot of harm to rugs before they are noticed, but they are preventable. By taking a number of different measurers, it is easy to prevent insect damage to your fine rugs and carpets. Fortunately, any Oriental or Persian rug that has been destructed due to moth or insects can easily be repaired by our specialists.

Moths do the most deterioration in their larvae stage, they eat right through the wool of the rug. A carpet that is made of wool foundation may also suffer insect damage because they will eat through the foundation as well. A tell tale sign that moths are eating away at your rugs or carpets is when a web like design appears. Moths prefer to be left undistirbed so their activity will be mostly in rugs and carpets that are left alone and unused.

Luckily it is easy to prevent moth contamination. These insects prefer to inhabit rugs that are left in humid, dark places and carpets that seldom recieve much taffic. Rugs that are the biggest target of moth infestation are those that are left in storage and unused by their owners. Good ways to prevent loosing part of your rug or carpet is to vacuum regularly and make sure they recieve regular foot traffic.

In the case that an Oriental or Persian rug is damaged by moths, we are able to resolve the problem and often restore and repair the rug.

We offer many solutions for cleaning and restoring moth or insect damaged rugs and carpets. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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